1. The Architect’s Studio Shed

Architect Shed Toronto

This one can be found in Toronto, and belongs to the founder of architecture firm Six Four Five.

Perhaps ‘shed’ is a bit of an understatement, as the timber husk conceals a fully-functioning workspace that lies within.

And, the timber really is stunning; as is the minimalist birch plywood finish. Take a look for yourself…


Six Four Five Shed Interior


2. Monochrome Ski LodgeAlta Chalet Exterior


This curious structure lies in the heart of Ontario’s Blue Mountains. The design is a nod to the region’s traditional farmhouses and barns.

Stunning windows offer panoramic views of the powdered vistas, with the lounge being situated on the top floor to maximise these views.

Take a look at the beautiful lines created by the windows and ceiling…

Do you have an Ontario architecture curio you wish to share? Let me know!

– Ravi Shanghavi, Ottawa, October 2018.