As President of Antilia Homes, Ravi Shanghavi Ottawa is excited to share 3D tours of the custom homes that his company builds…

Antilia Homes builds bespoke, luxury homes and rentals in the Ottawa region, and Ravi Shanghavi has been its President since it was founded three years ago. When you’re looking at property listings, one of the most difficult things is visualising the property beyond 2D photos. It can be hard to build a realistic image of how a home will feel using just photos, floor plans, and square foot information.

Thus, Ravi’s team decided to implement 3D virtual tours of all new Antilia Homes, allowing prospective homeowners and tenants to walkthrough the properties at their leisure. The tours are fully immersive, and are compatible with Virtual Reality (VR) gear too.

Here’s a video demonstration of a tour…

Head over to the Antilia Homes website to learn more.

Ravi Shanghavi Ottawa

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