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3 Striking Public Buildings in Ottawa

1. Canadian War Museum The national museum of military history was relocated to its current site in the 1990s, opening on the 8th of May 2005: the 60th anniversary of the end of World War Two. The design is striking. The concrete walls and roof somewhat resemble a bunker, and the moss and grass-covered top hint to themes of regeneration and renewal. The prominent fin that emanates from the east.. Read More

2 Modern Architecture Curiosities in Ontario

1. The Architect’s Studio Shed This one can be found in Toronto, and belongs to the founder of architecture firm Six Four Five. Perhaps ‘shed’ is a bit of an understatement, as the timber husk conceals a fully-functioning workspace that lies within. And, the timber really is stunning; as is the minimalist birch plywood finish. Take a look for yourself…     2. Monochrome Ski Lodge   This curious structure.. Read More

Modern Home Architecture in Ottawa

Here are a couple of beautiful modern homes in Ottawa… Dunrobin Shores This beautiful modern home was designed by Christopher Simmonds Architect, and completed in 2014. A continuous wall of glass spans the dining, kitchen, and living spaces offering a full panorama of the river and hills. The interior is defined by a combination of natural and industrial materials, such as bamboo stair treads and polished concrete floors. Glebe Residence.. Read More

New Projects from Antilia Homes, Ottawa

Over at Antilia Homes, we have been incredibly busy working on new projects, such as 79a Kenora Street… Our new Kenora Street development is a three-storey, linked-semi home. It boasts nine-foot ceilings throughout, a double car garage (tandem), and our signature bespoke interiors. The contemporary design offers floor-to-ceiling windows for its occupants, allowing for excellent natural light intake. In the winter months, the high-spec glass keeps residents warm. Take a.. Read More

3D Tours of Ottawa New-builds

As President of Antilia Homes, Ravi Shanghavi Ottawa is excited to share 3D tours of the custom homes that his company builds… Antilia Homes builds bespoke, luxury homes and rentals in the Ottawa region, and Ravi Shanghavi has been its President since it was founded three years ago. When you’re looking at property listings, one of the most difficult things is visualising the property beyond 2D photos. It can be.. Read More

An update on Antilia Homes

Hello all, Ravi Shanghavi checking in again. I wanted to take a moment to update you all on the exciting goings-on over at Antilia Homes, the bespoke property development company I manage here in Ottawa. 2016 was a great year for us, marking the completion of Phase 1 of our Carleton Avenue development, and the beginning of Phase 2. The developments consist of semi-detached units, and are located in the.. Read More

Architecture I Like #1

Ravi Shanghavi, Ottawa, here. I’m going to start sharing some examples of intriguing architecture, from around the world. I’ll try to make it interesting, however I’ll usually let the photographs/designs speak for themselves (at bottom of post!) in the main. This week’s development is designed by I/O Architects, and is situated in Bulgaria, and is crafted from local stone – the exterior is quite striking. The ‘slight slope’ of the building utilises.. Read More

Building Modern Homes in Ottawa

Ravi Shanghavi has always been a fan of modern architecture, and has decided to turn this interest into a project. Introducing Antilia Homes, Ravi Shanghavi’s latest venture. With his vast knowledge in the field of Project Management, Ravi Shanghavi hopes to oversee a number of exciting new developments in various areas of Ottawa.

Ottawa and climate

Ottawa is the capital of Canada. It is the second largest city in the  Province of Ontario and the fourth largest city in the Canada.  The city is located on the south bank of the Ottawa river in the eastern portion of southern Ontario.  It borders Gatineau and Quebec, which are located on the north bank of the Ottawa River and togethering form the National Capital Region (NCR). The city.. Read More