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New Projects from Antilia Homes, Ottawa

Kenora 1 Antilia Homes Render

Over at Antilia Homes, we have been incredibly busy working on new projects, such as 79a Kenora Street… Our new Kenora Street development is a three-storey, linked-semi home. It boasts nine-foot ceilings throughout, a double car garage (tandem), and our signature bespoke interiors. The contemporary design offers floor-to-ceiling windows for its occupants, allowing for excellent natural light intake. In the winter months, the high-spec glass keeps residents warm. Take a.. Read More

3D Tours of Ottawa New-builds

As President of Antilia Homes, Ravi Shanghavi Ottawa is excited to share 3D tours of the custom homes that his company builds… Antilia Homes builds bespoke, luxury homes and rentals in the Ottawa region, and Ravi Shanghavi has been its President since it was founded three years ago. When you’re looking at property listings, one of the most difficult things is visualising the property beyond 2D photos. It can be.. Read More

An update on Antilia Homes

Hello all, Ravi Shanghavi checking in again. I wanted to take a moment to update you all on the exciting goings-on over at Antilia Homes, the bespoke property development company I manage here in Ottawa. 2016 was a great year for us, marking the completion of Phase 1 of our Carleton Avenue development, and the beginning of Phase 2. The developments consist of semi-detached units, and are located in the.. Read More